EF-Gadgets: Post Box (Mesh) Version V1.00

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The Eclectic Fusion Emporium

Thank you for purchasing the Post Box (Mesh).

This Post Box is set up to allow the user added role playing enjoyment, instead of using IM or Profiles to send Notecards and Objects, you can drop them in the Postbox, where the owner will have to visit to see if he has any communications.

Before placing for use, you will need to edit the help file that is located in the door, select Edit, check the edit linked box and then click on the door, the help file is the only Notecard in the door, there are 2 places you need to set you name/business name these are at the top and bottom of the help file. Then set the permissions you require for the Notecard as it will be given to the user.

There is no automatic messaging in this version as it is a Role Play item, you will have to visit the Post Box on a regular basis.

Touch the Post Box to open the door.

If you have received 1 or more Notecards, the number (upto 3) will be indicated by letters becoming visible. If you have more than 3 Notecards the script will still copy them to your inventory.

If you have one or more objects delivered a Parcel will become visible.

If something other than a Notecard or Object is delivered, a Question Mark will become visible.

Once the door is open, you have 10 seconds to collect your mail before the door closes. To collect the mail click on any of the visible mail items.

The mail will be transfered to your inventory in a directory named in the format "Mail: YYYY-MM-DD".

Note, if you are the owner, and try to drag & drop to the Post Box, it will not work correctly, this is down to the fact
that you are the owner.

To use, Open your Inventory and navigate to the item you wish to deliver, touch the Main Body of the Post Box, this will give you 30 seconds in which you can make a delivery. To deliver to the Post Box, select the item(s) you wish to deliver in your inventory, then, while holding down the "Ctrl" Key, move the objects over the Post Box. When you are in a position to deliver your item(s), the Post Box will be highlighted in Red, release the Mouse, (followed by the "Ctrl" Key) and the items will be "dropped" into the Post Box Inventory.

Things To Note:
Non-Copy items will be moved to the Post Box
Non-Transfer items will NOT be copied to the Post Box
Scripts cannot be "dropped" in the Post Box as it is not allowed by Linden Lab for Security reasons.

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  • Great for Roleplay
  • Owner Only access
  • Accepts all item types apart from scripts
  • LI 3


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