ER Backyard BBQ Grill

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So here's the thing. It was my Rezzday (which is in the middle of summer), and I thought, "hey wouldn't it be cool to have a beach party?" Well I had toyed around with the idea of a food "giving" item before, but had never really finished it. Sculpties were also really new at the time, and I figured here was my chance to try nmy hand at another sculpt at the same time!

And thus was born the ER Backyard BBQ Grill! Based on the ubiquitous "Weber" style BBQ we all know and love, the ER BBQ is a fun addition to any party or outdoor gathering. Simply rez it and your friends can click the BBQ and receive a tasty (wearable) burger.

The classic form and low prim count, means that many users may choose to leave it rezzed outside their homes at all times. As such, I added a convenient on/off switch for smoke and flames. 6 built-in colors are accessable via the owner's menu as well.

* Instructions

Okay this is pretty simple to use, but I'll go over the controls anyways. If the Owner clicks the BBQ, they get the Owner's menu.

• ( Burger? ) Click this, and the BBQ will give you a burger.
• ( Smoke ) Toggles smoke on and off
• ( Flame ) Toggles flames on and off

• ( Color... ) Changes the color of the painted part of the BBQ
( Red, Blue, Green, Steel, Black, Pink )
If anyone else clicks the BBQ, they just get a burger.

Two in-world locations to serve you:
* Eclectic Randomness Main Store (Adult)
* Eclectic Randomness Annex (Mature)Check out our website for the latest releases, blogs, and more:
* http://www.eclectic-randomness.com

©2009 Eclectic Randomness™
Eclectic Randomness™ and the Eclectic Randomness™ "gear" and "gauge" logos are protected
trademarks, and may not be used without express written consent of Winter Ventura

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Veröffentlicht 31.8.2016 von Jade Berry 5 Sterne

Great build! Easy menu! I had some questions and the creator messaged me back right away, very friendly! Great experience!

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Veröffentlicht 8.8.2010 von Kaya Avedon 4 Sterne

I love this weber grill. It is missing the lid, but sill is super and the burger makes me hungry in RL! Nice flame and smoke on/off. Looks realistic. Love it. Would recommend to anyone wanting a grill.

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