Eclectica 'Solaria' Cloche Hat- Russet

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Quality vintage jewellery and accessories, virtually handcrafted with love. These pieces are copiable and modifiable and contain a single removable script.

"Solaria" hats are beautifully and originally designed mesh pieces. They are a classic cloche shape with art deco styling. A soft felted body is decorated with with a silk band, and accented with a metal and stone sunburst brooch. They are a little reminiscent of of an art deco sunburst design. The metal can be retextured via script menu to be either gold or silver.

A simple bob hairstyle is included, and may be retextured to ash, blonde, brunette, auburn or black. If you wish to wear your own hair, then the hair may be hidden via script.

This hat has pretty pink stones and matching pink and apricot hued scarf in a vintage art deco fabric.

This hat is unrigged mesh, and so is still modifiable, meaning that you can resize manually as well as by menu, and also tint the colours a little to help with colour matching. The stones, metal, band and hat body are separate materials, so feel free to tint each face separately if you like. Adjustments can be made while standing on a pose stand and editing just like normal.

The felt body has been deliberately textured to a neutral tone, to allow you to tint it to however you like. The three colours shown in the photograph are included however.

These pieces will scale down to petite avatar sizes.

The hat with hair has a land impact of 6.

A demo pack is available instore.

If you wish to see more, just visit the Eclectica shop in Sinaburoe, or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • Unique designs, by original designer.
  • A single low-lag removable script per piece.
  • Texture-changing flexibility.
  • Sizable to Petite size.
  • Free Demo Pack available inworld.


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