Eclectica- Zelda Dance Heels

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Quality vintage mesh jewellery and accessories, virtually handcrafted with love. All pieces are copyable and modifiable. These shoes are scripted to be texturechangeable and resizable, but all tint alterations and general resizing can still be made with the edit menu.

These shoes are designed to fit the Slink Womens Medium Feet. When you wear the Slink feet, please add (rather than wear) the Eclectica shoes, so that the shoes don't displace the feet.

You can wear these shoes with plain system feet if you like, but the effect is not as attractive. I have included a shoebase and alpha layer to help you if you prefer to wear only system feet. Don't wear these two items if you have the Slink feet on, as Slink provides all necessary bases and layers for the mesh feet. Please try a demo to see if this works for you; a free demo pack is available at the Eclectica Mainstore.

Eclectica Crushed Velvet Pumps are a striking vintage style, and can suit any period from the twenties through to the mid fifties. They are textured with flexibility in mind, providing both an understated soft grey pump and a range of gorgeously vivid shoes which may inspire many evening outfits.

Slink feet are necessarily rigged, and hence are available in standard sizing. Eclectica shoes to fit Slink are unrigged, and so are one size. They will fit a medium standard rigged size. You can then use the script to resize if needed, or you can do it manually.

The script is deletable (take a copy first) and the shoes have a land impact of 3 prims each, making them very kind to the virtual environment.

These shoes will scale down to fit a petite avatar.

These shoes are also texture-changeable via the script. The upper and heel both have nine textures, as do the buttons. Plus you are able to manually tint the colours. They are gloriously vivid, so there is room to tweak the hues. You may match or contrast the upper and heel, and you may use the metal buttons to blend or also contrast.

Tinting mesh is a little different to tinting prims, as each object behaves as one prim. So instead of editing linked prims, you will need to use the "Select Face" button to choose the part you'd like to tint. The separate faces are; upper, sole, heel, trim and button.

If you wish to see more, just visit the Eclectica shop or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • Unique mesh designs, by original designer.
  • Made to fit Slink Womens Medium Barefeet
  • A single low-lag removable script per piece.
  • Texture-changing flexibility.
  • Sizable to Petite size.


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