Experimental Ray Tip Jar (Free Version)

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THIS IS THE FREE VERSION OF THE EXPERIMENTAL RAY GUN TIP JAR. 10% of every tip (minimum L$1 per tip) will be forwarded to Loki Christensen. You can purchase the full version of this Tip Jar (in which you will keep 100% of all tips) by clicking on "Get Full Version" near the upper right of this listing.

The Experimental Ray Gun is a fun Tip Jar designed to increase the frequency of tipping. Each time someone tips, the Experimental Ray turns and fires a particle beam at them, and one of twenty-four random effects occurs. Additionally, if someone makes the highest tip of the evening, they are awarded a shining gold trophy for "World's Best Patron".

You can set a minimum tip amount required to trigger an effect (to prevent people from simply tipping L$1 to generate effects). People tipping below this amount will receive a public thank you in local chat, but no effect is triggered.

Any easy-to-use menu allows you choose whether or not to display hovertext, and if so, what text to display (includes a customizable message, total tipped, last amount tipped, highest tip of the evening, minimum tip required for effect).

The same menu allows you to toggle any effects on or off, set the duration of effects (default is 20 seconds, but you can set it higher or lower), toggle whether or not to award the World's Greatest Patron trophy, and to fire the ray gun at any specific avatar within 96m whether they have tipped or not.

Nearly all of the effects temp-attach to the avatars, and will ask their permission first. Any avatar can end their effect immediately by typing "/99 stop" in local chat.

Current ray gun effects include:
• They grow a halo and angel wings)
• They sprout moose antlers
• They are followed around by free-flying butterflies
• A Chicken Suit is put on them
• A Crown appears on their head
• They grow devil horns and a barbed tail
• A false nose and glasses appears on their face
• They are disintegrated and replaced with headstone bearing their name
• Their hands emit rainbow-coloured particle ribbons
• They float around in the air
• Their head catches fire
• Their head is changed into love emoji
• Their name appears in marquee lights above their head
• They emit random musical notes
• They bounce up and down on a pogo stick
• They are attached via strings to a marionette controller
• A cloud appears over their head and rains on them
• They ride around in a tiny rocket ship
• They play the saxophone and dance
• They perform figure skating moves
• They fall asleep
• They float around in a soap bubble
• A thought balloon appears over their heads reading "I ♥ this DJ"
• A UFO hovers over their head and beams out their brain

Please note that you MUST have rez permissions in order for the ray gun to work.

Land impact is 4 for the Experimental Ray Gun, 2 for the base. The Ray will function without the base.




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