Bryn MINI CLothing Templates Set

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MINI Clothing Template Outfit

Perfect for classic avatars & Appliers

What’s in the purchase folder?

6 1024x1024 .png Template/s
Terms of Use
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What You need to know before purchasing templates from NB:

All template sales are final as items are full permissions. NO refunds except in the case of accidental double purchase in which both transaction histories will have to be provided.

Templates may not ever be resold, shared or given away. No excuses.

DO NOT use in or out of of other virtual grids. Promotional MINI packs are never to be used outside of SL. We do not give permissions for this. EVER.

Email NB with any other questions or concerns. IM's are capped daily, I will NOT get your inworld IM. I'm only inworld once a week, if you send a notecard, it will NOT be seen until the following Saturday of that week.

Additional information you need to know when purchasing:

All templates are inworld.

Breaking any of the rules listed above will result in the removal of your products made with any NB, NB Inc. or Ominous Code designs and a DMCA
notice will be distributed.




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  • Icon clothing Geeignet für klassische und Netz- Avatare Mehr Infos
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