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FlowerDreams Card / Gift Card - 2000 Lindens

This card is for use only for our In-World store.
All Cards Are Transferable (NoCopy) so you can gift them to the person you like

The value of gift card will transfer to your FlowerDreams store account balance when you ''wear'' or "add" the card. So if you have bought the Gift Card for a friend please do NOT wear it. When you wear , its value will transfer to your account automatically. Please just give the folder to your friend.

If the Gift Card is for you to use, you should wear the Gift Card. Its value will load to your account in FlowerDreams' servers. You can use it in full or in part for any purchase at any time.

You will only need to wear the card once, as your FlowerDreams balance will stay with your avatar account. Once you have transferred the value to your account you will no longer need the card and can delete it..

How to use your store balance. (main store only)
touch on any vendor
click '' storecredit '' on pop up menu
click '' yes'' to purchase the item with your credit

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FlowerDreams & Nile Karas
FlowerDreams & Nile Karas
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