Flowering Dogwood Tree Animated with Seasons

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Flowering Dogwood is a landscapers favorite because of it's decorative Bark and Bracts, and small but dense white flowers. You can often spot these in parks and public spaces, in the wild they're mostly found on the outside of forests and on cliff edges, on dry ground. This version will compliment their first release of the tree, so you can bring even more variation to your landscape. A stunning animated tree, faithful to the real life version. It has realistic textures and is gently animated, the branches move as if in a breeze. This is a seasonal tree, which means you get more tree for your money! Texture change for all season is via a Menu, just click on the tree. Land Impact is between 2- 7, depending on the size you choose. Permissions are Modify & Copy so altering the size is easy.

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  • Animated Mesh
  • Seasons Menu
  • Realistic Textures with Materials
  • Instant Rez
  • Lag Free


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Little Branch
Little Branch
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