NEW! Four Season Enchanted Pond from Studio Skye 100% MESH

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I am proud to present the Enchanted Pond, a highly detailed design which will stand alone or blend perfectly with Skye Enchanted woods Building Set. Lush vegetation bends gracefully to the water source, light falls through the trees. It's a place to sit and enjoy simply being alive - all year round ;)

++ Now With Four Season Changing +++
This item includes Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter alternatives

This build takes full advantage of the power of MESH to bring you an incredibly detailed scene using a refreshingly low prim count.

Size - 17 x 17 meter base
Copy and Modify
Prims - 21
With or without prim water.

New for Version 2 :
Now includes 4 season changing
Plus Winter Ice Rezzer

VISIT INWORLD! Highly recommended! Click link below.

Just rez and position!

Copy | Mod | No Trans

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Love this pond

Veröffentlicht 5.4.2021 von anerd 5 Sterne

I got this pond to place with the area I was setting up woodsy
Nice textures and season set
I added the water system to this so I could control the water look better, it all works perfectly
Nice added feature of being able to let others control the water system and this pond
I completely recommend this if you are looking for a pond, and would recommend adding his Water System to it if you want a full control of the water look

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Great product!

Veröffentlicht 3.11.2018 von EuthymiaGervasius 4 Sterne

I think I've gotten every single Enchanted product, and I've gotten compliments about how beautiful my place is because of it!

My only problems is that the leaves on the trees around the pond seem to have trouble rezzing when changing seasons. The trees look like twigs with huge cardboard panels attached to them. I have to switch seasons 5-6 times to have the issue eventually fix itself. I don't have this problem with any of the other enchanted products.

The only other negative thing I can say about any of the stuff is that each of the sets seem to have been created in a vacuum. There's no obvious way the enchanted pond or clearing is supposed to connect to the Tree tunnel for instance. Tree tunnel is a very wide path, the Pond doesn't seem to have a path at all, and the clearing's paths are narrow. It's also very hard to avoid gaps between parts without overlapping them quite a bit, which means more parts have to be used and thus costing more prims.

Nope that didn't come off as being really harsh. I still love the all the enchanted sets, and would recommend them to anybody.

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