French Stop Sign (Boxed) - Lupinia Studios and Krazy NDN I.N.C. Version 2.0

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This is a standard stop sign, but written in French! These stop signs are common in French-speaking countries and provinces, and now you can have one in SL, thanks to our friend and colleague Mooze at Krazy NDN I.N.C.! Great for bringing a little variety to your build, teaching or learning a new language, or just for decoration.

There are two different designs included: One written in both French and English (common in France), which is named "French Stop Sign", and one written entirely in French with no English translation (common in Quebec), which is named "Panneau D'Arret".

Additionally, all versions of the sign (including the ones written only in French) have a small, simple, spam-free, open-source translation script: When clicked, the sign will IM the person who clicked it to give them the French text of the sign, and the English translation. This is mainly provided as a convenient backup feature for drivers and visitors, so that they can find out what the sign says even if the texture hasn't loaded yet, but it can be safely removed if desired.

There are five versions of each design included in the box, all with mod/copy/no-transfer permissions, and all have a land impact of 1 or less:
- Metal Post: Metal sign mounted to a tintable stamped-metal post (an original mesh design by Lupinia Studios), like most road signs in North America. 100% mesh.
- Wooden Post: Like the Metal Post version, but with a wooden post instead, for a more rustic/rural look. 100% mesh.
- No Post: Just the sign by itself, to mount on a wall or if you have your own mounting solution. 100% mesh.
- Gentek-Compatible: Identical to the No Post version, but with the root positioned to perfectly align with the stop sign from the Gentek Road Sign Kit (purchased separately), to create a more unified look with the other road signs in your build. Detailed instructions below. 100% mesh.
- Wood Prim Post: Since the wooden post is basically just a standard rectangle, there's a non-mesh version included for those who would prefer a prim version of the signpost (the sign itself is still mesh though, and this version of the sign still has a land impact of only 1).

For questions or support, or for customization inquiries, contact Natasha Petrichor.

Check it out in-world at the URL below!


Natasha Petrichor - Concept, original mesh designs, base textures
Mooze (tsitsmooze) - French translations and texturing/graphic design

Make sure you have a backup copy of both this sign and the Gentek stop sign before following these steps! Also, these instructions assume familiarity with the SL building tools; for additional help, contact Natasha Petrichor.

1. Rez the stop sign from the Gentek Road Sign kit.
2. Set every face except the post to 100% transparency.
3. Rez the Gentek-Compatible sign from this kit.
4. Copy the X, Y, and Z values from both the Position and Rotation sections of the Gentek stop sign, and paste them into the corresponding fields on the Gentek-Compatible sign from this kit. IMPORTANT: Do not adjust the size of either sign!
5. Once step 4 is complete, both signs should look seamlessly aligned with each other as if they were one piece. Done!
6. As an optional step, link the two signs together (select them both and hit Ctrl+L), and take a copy into your inventory, so that you don't have to do this more than once :)

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