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Decorate your home, cottage, lake home, beach home, lighthouse home or any house or business with this classy crafted work of art.

My MP store offers HAND CRAFTED WALL DECOR for your SL Home. Only 1 prim. Some are nicely framed and some are plaques, wall hangings or Artwork in the Alpha form going directly on the walls, doors, or even outside on the porch or deck. Most are worked in special programs to enhance their beauty for SL use. You will find Needlepoint, Ribbon Craft, Fabric Craft, Metal Craft, Wood Craft and much more. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and that it will enhance your SL living.

YES, and ONLY ONE PRIM. The designs comes copy and modify. All are resizeable thorugh Edit and stretch. In some items alpha will be used for original crafted wall hangings done by me and in some cases it will be framed.

NOTICE: All items are flat and are wall decorations. Some have a 3D appearance but are not actually 3D, but flat.

My Policy is your Satisfaction. If you are satisfied then I have done my job. Please read the descriptions and look at the picture for details and feel free to ask me any questions. If you have a problem or are not satisfied please contact me so I may help you

If you are satisfied, please leave me a good review. If you are not satisfied, please contact me before the review and I will make it right.

SL is all about FUN and being HAPPY!! I hope I can contribute to this great life.

Thank you for your purchase!!
Margaret (GmaMargret Charisma)



  • Quality Classy, Vintage, Chic, & Elegant Choices!
  • Hand Made Look & COPY and FULL Modify (no transfer)
  • 1 PRIM home decorating furnishings for SL homes
  • Use either side! Printed on both sides.
  • ALL flat wall decor and many have a 3D appearance!

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So Crafty and Cute!!

Veröffentlicht 15.10.2019 von Elana Halostar 5 Sterne

I love the way the detail was put into this plaque wall hanging. The little wine glass coming off one side and that cute coffee cup clock coming out the other side. And about Second Life ;) LOVE IT!!

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