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Have peace of mind renting from a reputable private estate like Victoria Chung Estates which history dates back to Second Life's first and most successful estate Dreamland, est. 2004. Today you can find many different types of residential, commercial and unzoned parcels and whole sim rentals.

To see our available sims and parcels just visit this link:

Above is a preview of one of our pre landscaped sims. But to make your life more exciting and fun here in SL, ACS gives you exclusive items for FREE which include prebuilt landscape that you can rezz into your sims. Rezers that are fully owned by you, you can choose to move, change, and mix items the way you want it. Now you can change the theme on your sims depending on the season or according to your taste within a few minutes. With lots of new items being added weekly for you to enjoy.

► Victoria Chung Estates is one of the top estates that has emerged from the most successful private estate in Secondlife, Dreamland with over 450+ sims.
► Sims are owned directly from Linden Lab.
► All transactions and land ownership is guaranteed by Anshe Chung.
► We are a real, legal and tax paying business

► Estate manager rights that gives you full control over your sim such as:
✓ Banning residents
✓ Changing sim rating, avatar limit, environment settings
✓ Changing ground textures
✓ Restarting the sim
✓ Terraforming
✓ Managing access to your sim
✓ Media streaming

► No need for premium account
► Stand Alone-Total Privacy
► Latest class servers
► Free sim designs (exclusive themes to decorate your land)
► Round the clock sim performance monitoring
► Very convenient rental system:
✓ L$ payments
✓ Paypal
✓ Weekly or monthly terms
✓ Prepay as many weeks you like
✓ Automatic rental renewal notifications

► 24/7 quality customer service to attend to your needs
► Choose from a wide variety of free terrains to be uploaded to your sims. That will save you hundreds of linden dollars, why pay for a raw terrain if you can have it for free?!
► Get access to hundreds of exclusive landscaping materials at NO charge
► Well experienced land sales team

Interested? IM Victoria Chung in world now or teleport to our hub in Ponte de Lima

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  • Full Estate Manager Rights
  • Private Island
  • Place your own Covenant
  • Total Control: Water Height, Media, Weather
  • 24/7 Post-Sales Support

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Veröffentlicht 30.1.2016 von Aylana Basset 5 Sterne

I have to say that after looking around for something good and decent - I love the land, and I love the service! They were ready to help me from the getgo and the price is right. Love you guys!

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Victoria Chung Estates
Victoria Chung Estates
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