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Live in your Parisian apartment, like a dream of luxury and nobleness.
All in relief, very realistic. Live an instagrammable experience

It is a magnificent apartment that I offer you, with seven rooms, including one very large and beautiful. With moldings, doors, curtains and beautiful windows. A long masterful corridor.

Size : 30x33m

The magic of Paris and its interiors isn’t something that was left to the good taste of its inhabitants, par hasard, it was very much a planned and intentional project for the city. Today, we swoon over the opulence, elegance, and timelessness of their designs but the reality is that it was thanks to the vision of one public official: Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Before we get into the 9 characteristics of Parisian Haussmann-style apartments (you know the type, they are probably in every one of your home-focused Pinterest boards), let us first explain who Baron Haussmann was and why he was so important.

During the time of Napoleon III in the 19th century, Paris was filled with narrow, dark and filthy streets causing many issues for its inhabitants, especially in the form of epidemics. Inspired by the modernity and organization of London, Napoleon III charged Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the prefect of Seine at the time, with the project of re-envisioning the city. Haussmann was known to be a no-nonsense, effective official – he loved straight lines and order. He wasn’t an architect per se, but his regulations of urban planning made Paris the stunning beauty that it is today. Through his new plan for the city, there would be numerous boulevards crossing through the heart of the city, buildings wouldn’t be more than six stories tall, proportionate to the width of the street, and would be made out of the same stone to create uniformity.



  • Haussmannian Style
  • Paris
  • Seven large pieces
  • Moldings
  • Skybox

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not happy!!
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Veröffentlicht 14.6.2020 von Demonia Venom

i purchased this apartment as i thought it was very beautiful.. but unless your a master builder and very good and handling multi prim that are ot link or in a rezz box stear clear of this one.. for the 999 i paid for it i am very dis satisfied....

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