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Now with COPY/MOD permissions.

This sculpted chain set comes in many versatile options to wear: two pieces to be worn as a full set, or to be worn separately on the chest and spine attachment points.

All pieces are uniquely sized to fit the curvaceous *female* chest, and nearly reach the mid torso when worn with the longest cord layer.

Please be aware that this necklace fits a realistically proportioned female avatar. If your frame is abnormally skinny, or you have larger or smaller than normal breasts, you will not have the best fit for this jewelry and may need to slightly modify your avatar. The photos in the ad are a good estimate of what avatars will best suit this piece.

cross, crow, chain, chains, death, die, drow, elf, elven, emo, goth, gothic, grunge, love, lykin, mercenary, metal, mutilate, mutilation, neko, razor, razors, RP, roleplay, skull, skulls, slay, slayer, vampire, wolf, wolves

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Veröffentlicht 14.3.2015 von DalishaDandelion 3 Sterne

I'm between Satisfaction & Frustration.
and i will explain why.

it does Look great, but it's kind of Heart to fit at the start. but you'll get to a Point where you're happy with it's fit. so it's not a Huge Downer.
But, what really got me down, is that the Necklace Keep's not Rezzing, while every other Mesh i'm wearing is loaded, those Necklace keep's being deformed. it only fixes, if i have Luck by Re-attaching or what always works is to relog.
but since, this Bug's me out much, i can only give 3 Stars.
i am sorry (─‿‿─)

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Not Bad

Veröffentlicht 23.2.2012 von Darina Breuer 3 Sterne

But no perfect :/

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