Dawn Kingdoms ~ [GE] Indomitable Ripper {Bento Mesh} v1.5 Version 1.5

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BEWARE! This terrifying GENETIC EDITION mutant dinosaur has been unchained to ravage the Dawn Kingdoms! This is a fully-featured BENTO avatar with numerous features...

Level up your beast in the PRIMAL LIFE dinosaur survival game, or simply wear the avatar to awe your friends and experience Second Life as never before...

This fully-featured avatar includes:

* 100% mesh avatar body with all new realistic BENTO animations and improved AO including lashing, flexible tail.

* Compatible with the PRIMAL LIFE game system, exclusive to the Dawn Kingdoms sims! (See SLURL for details)

* Advanced HUD control with 24 action buttons, preloader for sounds and animations, help and options. Roar, fight, eat, drink, poop, sleep, play dead, and enjoy Second Life as a living, breathing dinosaur!

** THE RIPPER also features Echolocation and Wall Climbing features unique to this hybrid weapon!

* Brand new Customiser HUD features over 40 customisation options including 16 skin themes (2 unique to the dinosaur species, and 14 exotic Genetic Edition movie and game inspired themes!) numerous eye, tooth, and claw options, and a new option to create your own textures and store them as "Custom Themes" to be switched to at the press of a button!

* Free lifetime updates to this BENTO MESH avatar.

* Add-on packs, saddles, etc, planned for future release.


1. Accept both the Information Notecard and the object sent to you by Marketplace.

2. Find the object in your "Received Items" folder, or do a search for "Dawn Kingdoms" in your inventory.

3. Rez the object.

4. Click the object and follow the instructions. You should receive a number of folders in your inventory with the complete avatar.


- This item is 100% BENTO mesh and will not work without a Bento mesh compatible viewer!

- HUD scripts excepting the AO will not function on any land set to "No Scripts".

- Objects rezzed by the HUD will not be rezzed on lands set to "No Build."

- A "Reset All HUD Scripts" option may be found in the HUD options menu. If for any reason your scripts stop functioning correctly you should be able to use this to reset them.

For any questions or comments, or help with your purchase, please feel free to contact Wanders Nowhere inworld via notecard.

If you are having trouble with your purchase, please contact me inworld before posting a negative review. Most product issues have simple causes and I am quite happy to help you. Thanks, and enjoy your Dinosaur Life!

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  • 100% MESH avatar with 60+ realistic dinosaur animations.
  • HUD COMMAND panel with 24+ commands to ROAR, FIGHT, POSE and LIVE.
  • HUD CUSTOMISATION panel with 40+ options for skins, eyes, teeth, etc!
  • Free lifetime updates to this MESH avatar.
  • Compatibility with PRIMAL LIFE Experience game, exclusive to Dawn Kingdoms sims!

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Worth everything but...

Veröffentlicht 22.4.2019 von Riccarlit Scarmon 5 Sterne

I know that some animations are a bit jittery, but if you know the movie it is explained. Would be nicer if was a little more smooth, like with the sleeping animation it looks like the raptor's whole upper body moves as one at points. Still none the less the Ripper is worth it, i love it and have no regrets. I hope there will be some more things out for it though

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I like it! Wish there was more bento stuff!

Veröffentlicht 16.3.2019 von IsaacFops 4 Sterne

Some of the animations are a little jittery. And I wish it had a skin like the conceptual white one as well, but it's nice looking and fun.
Also wish you had some realistic bento raptors as well!

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