=IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse

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=IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse

A lovely, glass-roofed outdoor shelter in the shape of the mystical eight-pointed star, the =IcaruS= Gazebo Summerhouse is the favourite place to relax in the gardens. The glass roof filters sunlight, and is supported by lovely polished columns on each point of the star. This building matches perfectly with the [=IcaruS= Victorian Greenhouse], sold separately.

A gazebo in your yard or garden increases the usefulness of your outdoor living space and adds an immeasurable amount of charm. With permissions set to modify & copy, those who enjoy gardening can add flower boxes to grow morning glories or add railings to provide shade and privacy.

Dimensions: 6m x 6m x 6m
Prims: 13 (Land Impact: 13)
Permissions: Modify, Copy, No Transfer
NOTE: Star table sold separately

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Verkauft von: LeonTubrok Beaumont
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