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The Monaco Primo wristwatch and HUD features the ultimate in functional luxury for multi-tasking in-world. Fully synchronized time displayed simultaneously on your wrist and/or monitor. Style features include menu driven colour choices and sizing. Try a demo!

Features include easy set-up and powerful options:

* Colours – seven precious metal choices
* Sizing - easy menu-driven sizing
* Hour Hand – accurately synchronize to any time zone
* Second Hand – precision or low-lag animation
* Chimes – hourly and quarterly, volume controlled
* Date – rotating dial calibrated to allow for days, months & leap years
* Flash – choose the amount and timing that suits your style

The efficient low-lag design includes optimised centralized scripting to guarantee maximum performance while avoiding unnecessary grind on external resources. The Monaco wristwatch auto-detects Greenwich Mean Time and date and auto-resets when shifting from non-script to scripted sims. Hand-crafted nanoprim hands operate elegantly with clarity and depth without nasty alpha texture issues. Careful attention has been given to minimum prim usage for maximum detail with every dial and button functional and accurate. Precision without lag-inducing high prim counts.

Enjoy setting your own configurations? IcaruS offers multiple methods: Click the watch, or Chat Command, or detail Configuration Card. Set one IcaruS watch or HUD, all synchronize to your choices.

Resizable HUD Clock - identical to your wristwatch - allows you to easily see your choice of time zones right on your monitor or rez in-world as a wall clock (OR a gift for the special someone who loses track of time.)
Presentation Box - with functional display watch – for the dresser or night stand of the watch connoisseur
Base Station - Globally controls settings on all the IcaruS watches & HUDS you own.
Adjustment Stand – Multi-Pose. Very handy for sorting all kinds of details.

Free updates, complete documentation, full customer support, group gifts
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PLEASE NOTE: When typing the commands do not use the '=' these were included in the manual to help highlight command explination. so for e.g. /101 offset1 -6 rather than /101 offset1 = -6




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