Izzie's - Mouth Corner Concealer (LeLutka Evo X)

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Mouth Corner Concealer for LeLutka Evo X mesh heads

to cover unwanted stretched mouth corners of your skin

- BOM system tattoo layers for LeLutka Evo X mesh heads
- 21 tintable shades
- white option comes in separate left and right version, so you can tint each side separately if needed

IMPORTANT: The BOM layers were made to fit the custom UV of LeLutka's Evo X head line. They will ONLY work on LeLutka mesh heads that have the Evo X feature! They will NOT work on any other LeLutka heads (like LeLutka Origins or LeLutka Evolution Classic) and they will NOT work on any mesh heads from other brands!

Please try a free DEMO before purchasing to make sure it will work for your head/skin!

modify: yes
copy: yes
transfer: NO

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Izzie Button inworld.

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Veröffentlicht 2.7.2021 von Amanda Dench 5 Sterne

I don't know what I would do without Izzie. She had made it possible to customize my avatar like no other. I want to look more my age and she has made this possible. I wouldn't buy the Lelutka Evo X head until I knew she was going to make the wrinkles etc. I have bought most of the Evo X layers from her inworld store and bought this on marketplace so I could leave a review. Thank you Izzie

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