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Thank you for checking out JIAN Pets!

These animesh foxes are lively, friendly and excited to come live with you in your SL forest or home!

This is the fatpack collection of all our foxes have to offer which includes:
- Worn, attachable companions
- Rezzed land-roaming wanderers
- Arm-held Fox
- Shoulder Perched Fox
- Decor Set with Fallen Tree Den & Tons of Static Posed Foxes (great for use in pictures for bloggers!)

All products in this pack (and individual packs) include the following features:
- Comprehensive Control HUD
- Texture Palette HUD for Foxes & Den
- 7 Coat Texture Options
- Floating Text Name Option w/ 14 Colors
- 2-4 Animations w/ Play & Toggle Buttons
- Sound & Phantom Option Toggles

To see these foxes in action, visit us in-store to check them out and to get L$50 off the price!

All permissions on the meshes of these kitties themselves are MODIFY and COPY enabled.
The scripts and HUDs are NO MOD.
You should be able to edit the meshes (provided you know how with SL edit tools) and add scripts as you like, but the items' permissions will show as copy only in your inventory. Once rezzed out, it will allow you to modify them.

For complete instructions on how this product and it's various components work, please visit

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  • This item is almost exclusively *animesh* animated! Statics are non-animesh.
  • 7 Beautiful Coat Texture to choose from
  • Comprehensive Control & Universal Texture Palette HUDs
  • Includes worn companion & rezzed wandering pet versions
  • Tons of decorative static posed foxes & two held versions

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So cute!
full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 26.4.2024 von Cherry Breiz

These foxes are SO cute! The only thing I wish they had is some interactions, like pet animations, but still, so many options with the companion, wander, and held options. Phineas goes everywhere with me now, and I swear he gets more attention than I do :)

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