~JJ~ Android 2.0 Skin and Tattoo Selections

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Convert your own avatar - and your own skin - into a detailed android with articulated joints with this phenomenal updated applier kit!

This package gives you many options to customize your avatar just the way you want. Included are appliers for each application zone - head, upper and lower - each with several layer choices to overlay the tattoo of the android details on top of whatever skin or underlayers you use. Also, a fully-baked skin with the android details is included alongside a chrome underlayer skin if you want to be shiny and metallic. System skin and tatto layers (low-res with no materials) are packed in to help you with any system parts that may be visible or to use with system parts you may prefer over mesh parts.

The materials make these items really stand out! Reflective and full of 3D detail, the Omega appliers will add realism and depth to your compatible mesh body and parts.

If your body supports tattoos but your head does not - those zones are separated so you can use one or the other without abrupt areas where the texture ends.

The items in this kit can be copied for easy back-up so you can experiment at will!

I hope you love the Android kit as much as I enjoyed creating it!

<3 Jeanette Doobie

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  • Works with Your Own Skin!
  • Optional baked skin(s) included
  • Optional avatar skin and tattoo layers included
  • SL Materials-enabled for compatible products
  • Copy permissions for easy back-ups

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Mixed results.

Veröffentlicht 18.4.2021 von Noel Loordes 4 Sterne

Looks pretty good, but being no-mod really takes out a lot from it. I would have preferred to omit the face part, but it isn't possible, unless you have a tattoo-version of your skin as "makeup" on top.

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Great product, FANTASTIC Creator

Veröffentlicht 14.8.2019 von Paige Reina 5 Sterne

This is a great skin/tattoo! It's one of the few (of quality) that I was able to use my own skin but achieve the cyborg/android plate lines.. and the exposed wires are top notch! But more than anything, this is a prompt and helpful creator, with a GREAT attitude! I wish more content creators where this way! Thanks so much for a fabulous experience and correcting my user error! xD All the stars!

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