[Jorr] Stahrk Mane for [M.O.R.] Hellhund

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A very fluffy mane for the Hellhund! This design is made only for the default body, there are no fluffs made for cerberus heads in this package. 4 base colors to choose from + a black and orange Halloween version. Deck out your doggo with this fierce looking mane for a savage look! For best results, set your hellhund's alpha as shown in the second image. Your alpha hud will be in your avatar folder.

*Please note that some animations may make the mane clip with the neck, particularly in the curl animation*



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full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 21.4.2019 von Llweyndwell

Please make more stuff for the hellhunddd. Could we have this mane also go down the back and on the tail tip? That would be really awesome!

Love your stuff, can't wait to see more ^^

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Fantastic mane mod (Might I make a suggestion?)
full star full star full star full star empty star Veröffentlicht 28.2.2019 von DarkNevan

I adore this very fluffy mane a lot, one can really make their hellhuund as fluffy as they want. although it would be neat to see this mane implemented on the Cerberus heads. You can never have enough fluff manes, the more the merrier they say. Anyway, this is one great product - hope to see more hellhund mods from this creator.

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