KDC Lady Eleanor Leather Crop

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Lady Eleanor paid us a little visit recently, but she appears to have forgotten something when she left.

They say that this beautiful riding crop has been in her family for generations, and despite its age, the rich leather has been carefully preserved by countless polishing.
The handle and shaft have a braided surface and the leather tip is stitched on a red backing, this riding crop feature a stance system, light and hard strikes, custom sounds and animations for hits and misses as well as 3 different holding stances bringing it to a total of 15 animations.
The crop tip will leave a subtle trail in the air and a soft smack as it will hit your (un)willing victim.

It can be controlled through first person view but also using the provided HUD interface. It also come with a belt "crop holder" that will allow you to equip/unequip the crop in a single click.

It is also compatible with the KDC Doodles & Strikes" impactor system.

A great prop for domination and for authority figures.

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  • 15 contextual animations
  • Custom sounds
  • All mesh/material construction
  • auto temp attach function
  • Compatible with KDC Doodles&Strikes bruising system.

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A loyal slave learns to love the lash~

Veröffentlicht 7.7.2015 von Seratuhlis Firanelli 5 Sterne


-Non ripped Mesh! yay!

-Comes with gorgeous materials.

-Nice textures.

-Simplistic design with little impact.

-Moddable! and yes, the hud IS resizable!


-The alternative hold animations are in different whips. Not really a bad thing but it can be somewhat time consuming.

-The unboxing system is BIZARRE, I have never seen a process like this until now.

1. You wear the item, if you try to rez it out and unpack, there will be NOTHING.

2 You click "yes" and take the TP.

3. You visit the land and wear the item again.

4. Click yes again to actually receive the item.

This thing is a gem, good for abusing your property or having some silly/kinky fun with friends. If you're not the lazy sort and can overlook the unpacking process, then you should get this whip.

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