Kool Sign A - BOX Version 1

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● Kool Signs are original 100% mesh prims to decorate your medieval house or city. There is one street post and one bracket to place on a wall (all copyable).

● SHIELD SERIES: The shield has an independent face for the central picture. Please note that the shield face is not textured, you need to drop a texture on it.
- You can make your own textures by using one of the provided shadow templates.
- We also have some ready-made textures especially baked for this shield (check at our main shop).
- All current and future "Shield series" textures will be compatible with these signs.

● You get 3 wood colors for the post (grey, brown, dark).

● Low impact: each sign counts for only 1 prim.

⬇ Click the link below for a direct TP to my inworld shop.

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