LapFOLD Laptop / Desktop [dby] Version 1.0

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* How can we set the LapFOLD?

* Laptop Foldable
* Tablet (in hands)
* Desktop Classic
* Book Desktop Foldable
* Vertical Desktop
* Simulation Computer (win11)

+ Keyboard PRO with ScreenPad

All these versions are included, we can say that this computer is an "All in One Foldable!"

You can use however you want! in your studio, home, office or atelier...
with a simple and modern design, the LapFOLD was conceived to be a decorative item and a RP item at the same time.


* * * * * THIS IS A FUNCTIONAL ITEM * * * * *


* * * * * INCLUDE DEV KIT | SDK * * * * *

* You can CUSTOMIZE your LapFold however you like! place your photos, screens or your Logo to display in a commercial environment ;)


You can change the screens through the control HUD, where you can also change the color of the metallic housing, between the colors:

* Dark
* silver
* Aluminum
* Golden
* Rose gold
* Rose gold (cute)


* Keyboard with ScreenPad


This keyboard has a dedicated HUD just for it, where you can control the colors of the metallic shell like the LapFold, and the screens (ScreenPad) to complete the actions you are performing on your computer!

You can combine the screens:
If you place a draw screen, you can combine it with a screenPad with color tools, and so on.

[ 5 - LI ]


* * * * * LAPTOP MODE:

Leave it closed, or open it by clicking on it, with each click you have a new opening at a different angle.

[ 7 - LI ]


* * * * * TABLET MODE:

This mode, you use it in your hands, has a little HUD dedicated to it where you can run some simple Bento Animations.

[ 1 - LI ]


* * * * * DESKTOP MODE:

This mode you can change to 2 different angles, the "classic desktop" mode and the "desktop book" mode with an angle that resembles an open book.

[ 4 LI + 5 LI keyboard ] total 9 LI



With this mode, you can use the computer in a different way, in Vertical, this allows some apps and programs to work in full screen and in a new way.

[ 10 LI + 5 LI keyboard ] total 15 LI



This mode works by simulating Win11 on your LapFold (only in classic mode) this version cannot be opened from other angles.

You can use win11, music programs and make them play for real among other things.

[ 2 LI + 5 LI keyboard ] total 7 LI

!! * Remember, this is just a simulation, it's not a real complete system, so it's limited to a few functions, okay? :)


* * * Attention! * * *

* does Not include table
* does Not include headphones
* does Not include virtual assistant
* does Not include coffee mug
* does Not include mousepad
* these components are to illustrate the photos *

* Returns or Refund requests will NOT be accepted!


Good fun! ;)

Oh and do not forget!

* * * * * 40% DISCOUNT - For a few days! Enjoy * * * * *

If you leave a review, you can earn up to 40% OFF!
Do not forget to tell us about your review so we can make your payment back!

check out the related items, you will love it! ;)

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  • Laptop Foldable
  • Desktop Classic
  • Vertical Desktop
  • Simulation Computer
  • Keyboard PRO

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A worthwhile purchase

Veröffentlicht 23.5.2024 von Chocolate Voom 5 Sterne

Visually appealing for techies, various versions included and it's functional.

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High-quality and FUNCTIONAL

Veröffentlicht 3.3.2024 von Neroscythe 5 Sterne

The laptop looks very good and detailed, it's nice to have different modes (one of them is wearable). The simulation mode killed me (in a good way), because it seems so real??? There are literal (recreated, so not fully accessible, but still) programs and windows that open and close smoothly. There's also a little game to play and Google/Bing search bar... Many many things.

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