*League* Sequin Scoop Dress -Black

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*League* Sequin Scoop Dress, a slinky party dress covered with shiny glittering sequins, includes all clothing layers, prim skirt adjustable front & back, sculpted shoulders, sleeve ends and scoop on front chest and back of dress, all mod/copy.

Model wears shoes: Ixkin by Maitreya, Hair by Vive9, Necklace: The Raven Necklace by League (see Related Items below)

If you dont recieve your Marketplace Order, contact Nena Janus In-world for re-delivery.



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Not at all the quality I expected from a League product

Veröffentlicht 3.4.2013 von Anelise Demonge 1 Stern

When I saw this dress I was excited and couldn't wait to wear it. But once I had it on I was so disappointed. The texture on the shoulders is quite clear and the sequins quite large. The dress texture itself is far more blurred and the sequin pattern far smaller. The prim skirt panel- the sequined fabric is even smaller yet. The texture repeats needed a lot more attention to keeping them uniform and looking like one fabric was used to make the dress rather than different ones which looked similiar for each piece. This really has the look of the prim parts having just had the textures slapped on them and very not up to the normal League standards.

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Love it:)

Veröffentlicht 21.8.2012 von Anya Looming 5 Sterne

love it :)

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