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This listing is for the NATURAL COLORS color pack. It includes 26 total colors! 7 shades of brown, blond, and red; 1 white, 1 black, and 3 gray hair colors. Check out the picture for color samples!

Included also is an optional headband. It has 5 different styles to choose from: no feather, with 1 feather on the side, with 2 feathers-one on each side, with 2 feathers on 1 side, and with 1 feather in the back.
It also has many textures for the headband and feathers to choose from by using the included HUD, as well as color tinting. So you can get tons of different color/texture combos!
The headband IS also mod, it will show as no mod because of the scripts inside for the HUD (they are no mod).

This hairstyle fits FEMALE avatars.

**Mesh enabled Viewer required!**

Try the DEMO before purchasing so you can see how it fits you.

About Rigged Mesh:
Mesh that is "rigged" means it will move with your body much more than normal prims. It also means that you cannot resize it however, so it is one-size-fits-most.

If it does not fit you, you can try:
1. Wear the Head Alpha texture provided.
2. Wear the Hair Base
3. Alter your head shape a little. This would most likely be the Forehead angle, or Head Shape, but you can try other sliders too.

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  • Rigged Mesh
  • Modifyable- so you can color tint
  • 26 colors included! Blonds, Reds, Browns, Black, White, and Grays
  • Optional Headband included- 5 styles and tons of color/texture combos!

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This creator understands

Veröffentlicht 22.3.2019 von Alyona Chernov 5 Sterne

Low Rendering Cost, Fast-rezzing, Great LOD and the cherry on top: MODIFY. And the headband with feather is *optional*, which is great because this hair is beautiful all by itself. There are also many headband/feather options: one, two feathers, one side, both sides, in the back... This creator gets it.

Seriously high quality and beautiful! I go for black hair myself and this creator understands that "black" isn't true black. Too many hair creators create a black that's too black and all detail is lost, or the make up some funky tinted-black with weird colored sheens, which is okay if those are *options*.

The hair fit well on my avi's head, and it looks fantastic in all lighting situations - very well textured. Perhaps a just a little costlier than so many others - don't balk, it's worth the asking price. I am anal for quality and willing to pay extra for it. This one comes through wonderfully.

I've never heard of LightStar before, but I intend to shop the rest because if the quality of work is anything like this one, then I'm sold.

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Veröffentlicht 23.11.2014 von DangerGamer717 5 Sterne

Has so many different hair color options and you can even change the color of the feather. Great Hair! Thank you!!

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