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This is a DEMO
Please ALWAYS try demos before purchasing full product!
It includes:

By purchasing this product you agree to the following TOS: 1. The TOS applies to whomever purchased an item, or whomever an item was gifted too. You may not use it on Alts or pass it out with full permissions in any circumstance. This includes custom work.
2. There is no pricing limit or restriction on your final product, you may use them in hunts, as gifts or freebies, as long as permissions are (Copy/No Trans) (No Copy/Trans) -Products should NEVER be sold Copy AND Transfer-
3. You should only be selling a FINAL product, AO/UV Maps Should not be passed out to anyone (if multiple people own a store, that is an exception) But they should not be sold as "Kits" or "Mods" for a mesh, your Final Product should be a textured mesh with the above permissions.
4. Any item you purchase from {WildFlowers Templates}, {WildFlowers Boutique} or any affiliated stores, Including custom orders & collaborative works are Limited to the SecondLife Virtual World ONLY - They may not be passed to any OpenSim or any other Grid In ANY circumstance.
5. In selling these products I do NOT revoke my Legal Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights, I reserve all rights to my creations.
6. Items created for Toddleedoo, Totsipop or any other CHILD avatar should be used as PG items only, anyone found using them outside of this will be reported to LindenLabs and banned from the store.
Failure to co-operate with these Terms will result in a DMCA and possible Legal Action. If you have further questions on DMCA's or LindenLabs TOS Please follow these links:



  • Bebe Youth Fitted Mesh


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