[LuVs] Lace Mini Pink Bagged

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[LuVs] Lace Mini Pink

Please try demo before making purchase.
Demos do not contain appliers.

A sweet mesh lace mini dress, comes with Lush applier and Lolas! Push-ups & Tango applier.
The mesh dress can be worn on its own too!

Made for [d] Lush Breasts by (riann.maltese) and Lolas! Push-ups & Tango by Sandi Moonites.
Prim breasts are sold by these stores and are not made by me.

The respective appliers were adjusted on the sizes shown, you may need to re-adjust the horizontal and vertical repeat numbers depending on your preferred size.

The dress is available in 5 sizes + Alpha layer.

This is a mesh item, you will need a mesh compatible viewer to view this properly.

Due to the nature of mesh clothing moving with the avatar, some clothing appliers may not always match the seam of your mesh clothes as you move, it depends alot on your AO and how much it animates you.




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Verkauft von: Hanae Luv
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Dieses Produkt enthält tragbare Artikel für Ihren Avatar.

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