Lusch Motors - Scout Version 1.01

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The Lusch Motors Scout is your trustworthy sidekick where ever you go. This classic styled offroader can take you anywhere: to the beach, the ski piste or the jungle. Taking friends and luggage is easy, driving is a breeze and making it look good is no problemo: it comes with a lot of customization options and it's completely modifiable. Let's go!

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Like all Lusch Motors vehicles, the Scout comes with a long list of factory options. Change these options through the menu to give your Scout a personal touch.

​The Scout comes with the following options:
- Body exterior colors;
- Body exterior livery: three camouflage liveries;
- Custom body texture: create a truly unique body texture using the template;
- Custom decals: apply your logo quick and easy using the custom detal spots;
- Wheel styles: three modeled wheels or go for a hubcap (custom texture too). Change the color of the wheels;
- Tire styles: three tire types: street, A/T and off-road;
- Interior colors;
- Seat colors;
- Interior details: show or hide a list of interior details like a snowboard, surfboard or luggage;
- Exterior details: personalize your vehicle by changing the bumper styles, show or hide the spare wheel and other details;
- Roof, doors and front window: show or hide the roof, the doors and fold down the window for a 'top down' experience;
- Towing hitch: using GEMC's TowPro system, the Scout can pull any TowPro compatible trailer. Like the Mundial;
- License plate: choose between European or US/Japan sized plates, set your own text and color. Or completely replace the texture with your own;
- Roof beacon: for light RP, enable the classic styled roof beacon;

But if you'd like to take it a step further: the Scout is completely modifiable. Everything can be edited the way you like it. (a basic knowledge of SL's editing functions is required)

For more information:

For a testdrive visit:

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  • Fully modifiable
  • Lots of customization options
  • High detail, low land impact build
  • Authentic sounds and animations
  • GTFO enabled

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great work

Veröffentlicht 23.1.2021 von Newbie Zane 5 Sterne

quality and price 5 stars

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Great on and off road.

Veröffentlicht 19.12.2020 von BlueWall Slade 5 Sterne

Like all my other Lusch vehicles, the Scout is a top quality product. Lots of attention to detail, customization options and smooth operation. I was looking for something to go banging around through abandoned land and on the mainland roads. The Scout is stable on the road and is nearly unstoppable off road in 4WD. Plus, the towing system works really well with the Mundial camping trailer too! Great, fun little vehicle.

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