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Introducing the new range from Lyrical B!zarre Templates, suited to cater to your decorative needs. From intriguing shapes, to uncanny creations, the Lyrical world maintains it's unique spirit, branching out to the decor world.

The majority of models are linksets of two or more objects, and can be easily adjusted to suit your creativity.

Please read item description and see notes added to the product image. Each kit contains corresponding UV and AO maps. Kits do not include scripts or sample textures.

Kit contains:
Linkset Mesh Model
UV Maps
Ambient Occlusion Maps
TOS Notecard
Mesh Objects Troubleshooting Notecard

By purchasing this full perm Template/Prim Attachments Kit you agree to the following set of rules:

1. Not allowed to resell with full permissions.

2. Not allowed to give away any of the mesh models to friends or alts without prior permission.

3. No refunds on full perm items. In the case of a double purchase please IM/NC the creator.

4. These mesh models are exclusively for your own personal use and content creation in SL.

5. You may use mesh models to create your own furniture and decorations and sell them with limited permissions (either copy/modify or modify/transfer) but you are not allowed to distribute or sell them stand-alone full permission mesh objects.

In other words:

- transfer of full permission items (may it be textures, maps or mesh models) to anyone, including alts, without the written permission from the creator
- re-packaging and/or re-selling of full permission items as such
RESULT OF BREAKING THE RULES: DMCA and a few chosen rude words.

- using the FP items for your own creations
- adding another prim to the pre-made items, so the linkset has your name as the creator
- having as much fun as possible with the full permission items!

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!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! - HOME Branch
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