MCM White Noise (Reborn) *BOXED*

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One of the most well developed combat systems ever used in SL. MCM Combat Operations was hand crafted to focus on good low-lag mecha combat and has a ton of features. Everything you would find in classic mecha style games has been faithfully reproduced in SL, such as heat management, limited ammo, various utilities,100+ weapons of various types and to top of off, hundreds of mech chassis options. Our multi arena combat sim is open 24/7 and ready for all your metal and mayhem needs. We host competitive events. Register on our website and start earning exp and spend it on boosts to enhance gameplay. Get resources on mech/weapon/utility stats and access to the games forums. Compete daily with other pilots for the Top Killers Competition to win discounts on all MCM products. Events are hosted for the community to win bonus experience and potentially the chance to be awarded with MCM product!

Any questions please IM Ender Hanner .

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MCM Combat Operations
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