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[META] Neo Avatar 2.2 is up-to-date with all currently available features when it comes to mesh avatars in SL and offers endless possibilities for customization. This is a completely fitted, Bento rigged mesh avatar that includes a body with Bento hands and a fully customizable Bento head, that is extremely slider friendly and can play face animations. Complexity(ARC) of the entire avatar is comparatively low. The mesh body is compatible with mesh heads that use SL default avatar neck fit. It comes with a high quality, hand painted seamless skin, that is applied on to mesh by default. There are 4 more skin tone variations available as 'presets' on the HUD. Neo avatar uses SL default UV maps, there by making it compatible the new 'Bakes on Mesh' feature and Omega appliers.


This is a major update considering the implementation of the 'Bakes on Mesh' feature. This package contains two versions of Neo Avatar mesh, one is 'Legacy' and the other is 'Hybrid'.
Legacy version of avatar is the same as previous update and it use 'appliers' for all sort of texture customization including skins and tattoos . Both base(skin) layer and tattoo layers are still customizable with appliers, including Omega.
Hybrid version, use the new feature 'Bakes on Mesh' on it's base layer and you can change the skin or tattoo by simple wearing a 'system wearable' straight out of your inventory. You can wear over 50 tattoos (body tats, hair bases, cosmetics, scars etc) one on top of the other on that single base layer, all powered by Bakes on Mesh!!! You can also wear system clothes, such as shirts, pants and underwear straight out of your inventory just by adding them. On the Hybrid version, there is an extra layer, kept intact on the avatar which can be customized with appliers and is still Omega compatible.
Use the latest Bakes on Mesh enabled viewer if you are using Hybrid Neo Avatar.
In order to activate Omega on Neo Avatar, a plugin is required and is available here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Meta/13954945.

Neo Avatar is a new way of conceiving mesh avatars in Second Life. The package comes with a completely modifiable base mesh with all the necessary features to get you started with a brand new 'Bakes on Mesh' powered Bento mesh avatar, so that you can customize the mesh with our own and third party items of your choice. If you find anything that could be added to improve the product let us know directly in-world. We are constantly developing the base product and working on more add-ons that can improve the experience. There will be free updates, implementing the in-demand features. We greatly value all your suggestions.

Finding mesh clothes that fit can be a major concern when you go with a new mesh body.. This body is rigged around SL's default (classic) male avatar like majority of the other popular mesh bodies, so clothes made for any of such mesh bodies would fit on Neo. Just try different versions you get with your clothing package even if it doesn't contain a specific version for Meta.



* FITTED MESH BODY (all fitted mesh sliders are enabled)
* BENTO HANDS (can be used with the Bento AO of your choice)
* BENTO HEAD (all bento sliders are enabled, can play face animations)
* SKIN LAYER (SL UV Maps, Bakes on Mesh/Omega compatible)
* TATTOO LAYER (SL UV Maps, Bakes on Mesh/Omega compatible)
* 3 EXTRA FULL HEAD LAYERS (Omega compatible)
* MESH EYES (5 preset textures, supports Heterochromia, can be hidden to be used with any mesh eyes or SL eyes, SL UV Maps, Omega compatible)



* 170 Individual alpha buttons
* 24 alpha save slots
* Easy hide buttons for major parts including the whole head.
* Individual hide buttons for head parts ( can hide eyes, lashes and ears)
* Built-in Applier System, 2.2 version of Neo comes with an easy to use applier system where you can put your own textures on all the layers, giving you absolute freedom for customization.


[META] Neo Avatar 2.2 comes with built-in blinks, relaxed hand animation and speaking animation(while typing)


* Default shape with Modify permission
* Eyebrow shaper with Modify permission
* Full alpha & full alpha showing eyes (to hide default SL avatar)
* Hide eyes alpha (for HYBRID mesh)
* [ META ] Briefs for Neo


Mesh :- Copy, Modify, No Transfer
Animations :- Copy, No Modify, No Transfer
Scripts :- Copy, No Modify, No Transfer


Please, try demo before buying.
Thank you, for your interest in our product.




  • Full Bento Avatar
  • Mesh Body
  • Bento Head
  • Bento Hands
  • Bakes on Mesh Ready (SL UV Maps)

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A great value for the money

Veröffentlicht 18.2.2020 von Elliott Eldrich 5 Sterne

Just got this to give going human a try. After seeing the price of other heads, holy smokes, this is an incredible value. Is it perfect? No. Is it very good? Yes. Is it a flat-out steal for the price? Oh yeah.

Highly recommended for people trying mesh for the first time, or people on a budget. Excellent value!

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Veröffentlicht 21.1.2020 von kilianjones 5 Sterne

Eu já tinha tentado de tudo, mas os altos valores me deixavam desanimado, ao encontrar a versão básica, gostei e resolvi tentar a completa, e me surpreendi com a qualidade e ainda mais pelo preço pra mim ele compete de igual pra igual com os gigantes do mercado, é muito bom de verdade. por ser bento isso me impressionou mais ainda, e já ter o BoM, meus parabêns a quem criou perfeito. só falta agora a loja colocar roupas, testei todos os tons de pele e ficou perfeito.

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