Magic Fishing Buoy - Increase your land traffic | 25% tax Version 3

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All information:

***You get a bonus up to 70% of sales of worms to the budget of your buoy.***

Differences and specifications between Blue and Green buoys:

List of web locations:

You need new visitors on your land?
Magic Fishing is one of the largest fishing games in SecondLife.
It's very simple, you load your buoy with money, and fishermen's come to fish in your fishing area, you get new visitors and new customers thus increasing your profit and/or their land traffic, players are rewarded with fish and earn money.
Players will withdraw their incomes in our ATM that is located in the Magic Fishing HQ.

Place your buoy on the ground and simply pay lindens to stay with budget.
Your buoy will appear on all Huds and our weblist:

Do not forget to place all our accessories, to allow players locate the fishing area easily.

Note: If possible, choose a site with real water or build a pool to increase the fishing experience.

How do EVENTS?
Click on your buoy and choice on the menu the option "Events", choose a multiplier and all your fish will be multiplied by the multiplier chosen. With fishing events could easily have dozens of players to fish simultaneously, but note the other events taking place, a lower event will not attract many players. The event will appear in all Huds and our weblist:

Receiving Liden Dollars?
By placing worm barrels you will receive bonus directly to the budget of the buoy, this helping to finance your fishing buoy(do not receive commission with worms for your personal use).

If put our adboards in your land will greatly increase your profits:

Put our affiliate system and selling our products earning commissions on sales.

( paste to your chat and press enter hits )




  • Magie Fischer
  • Steigern Sie Ihre Landverkehr
  • Angelspiel
  • Verdienen Sie Geld
  • Freundschaft schließen


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The Second Farm - Increase Traffic - Get Visitors | Earn Lindens
The Second Farm - Increase Traffic - Get Visitors | Earn Lindens
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