Meeroos Ankh FREE Pen - Habitat - Pen - Cage - Enclosure - Meeroo Version 2.0

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The Meeroos Ankh Pen is 10m sq (set your Meeroos to a range of 5m) and is hand crafted and extremely detailed. This is our FREE gift to you and your Meeroos!

There was an issue upon first release with the wrong textures being loaded. That has been corrected and this item is functioning as it should. Again my apologies!

Check out the rest of our Meeroos series. A must for every Meeroo Lover!

Only the Ankh Pen is included in this offer. Other items shown are available for purchase separately!
The Meeroos & their Partners and or holdings are not affiliated with Xtreme Designs!

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the color of the floor isnot the same of the picture

Veröffentlicht 23.6.2011 von Petter Faulkes 3 Sterne

It is a good building, the texture of the fence is nice, but the texture of the floor isnot the same you see in the picture, it is red and black, I think it is good to dragons and not to meeroos, but it cost only 1 linden, it is cheap...^^

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isnt what the picture looks like

Veröffentlicht 19.6.2011 von violenturge Static 2 Sterne

i got this and it was red and black and no stones.

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