Mesh Furry Lip Kit Version 3.0

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You will need to be able to resize, tilt, etc to attach these onto your furry jaw.

I've always been a fan of femme furry characters having a pouty lower lip, but the closest I can get is a texture! I've seen people with them on marketplace, but can't find any... so! As usual, I made my own.

--+| N E W I N 2 . 0 |+--
| I've reuploaded them all for better LOD, and added some requests such as one that (I hope) fits things like the aventity eels; a V shape. I've also added more shapes in general, this time a bit more front-heavy! Some heads with overhang jaw barely saw the lip because of these two issues, so hopefully I won't have to do update stuff anymore.
Any updates past this will probably be for other avatars that come along I really want a lip for or just adding more texture styles to the dropbox.
I'm bad at this still >w>;;

--+| N E W I N 3 . 0 |+--
I don't remember anything about this product but I apparently made a v3 with textures and probably different shapes. Due to memory loss, it's an adventure for all of us! v1 and v2 included in box. As always IM me if you somehow didn't get updated.

Tilt and resize until they fit, I hope they do! If they don't, tell me and what avatar you're trying to mod it onto, I'll try to guestimate another lip to fit that. If it works then, I'll add it to the kit~

Includes the UV and a shaded .PSD, to use as shading or just guides. ( V3 LIPS NOW INCLUDE A BOX OF FULL PERM TEXTURES)



  • many styles of lower lip
  • PSD and UV and texture included
  • lots of colors for v3

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Just what I needed!

Veröffentlicht 26.9.2016 von FiveNightsAtFreddys 5 Sterne

I'd made my own mod and was having some trouble texturing on the lipstick (at least the bottom half anyway) so this was a perfect alternative. Though I did manage to fix the texture, I actually prefer the way this looks - it actually made my avatar look like the lips were perfectly pursed and it's just plain adorable! The only issue I had was the link to the files, when I opened the link the dropbox page wasn't available, so I had to download the black texture and edit it to a tintable shade - it doesn't look quite as glossy but it did the job :3 I know most of the Paws heads don't have detachable jaws but I noticed that some of the older ones- like the fennec and canine -do so you can use this on those as well! Highly recommended to anyone looking to achieve that cute pouty look ^w^

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Absolutely adorable, and easy to retexture!

Veröffentlicht 29.1.2016 von WiseWool 5 Sterne

I have this on my DSD German Shepherd. She looks adorable with a little pink pout, and they're easy to retexture so I can fade it into the muzzle on her mods just fine. :) Well worth it!

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