[MeshProject] Adriana MID Heels with 256 Color & Texture HUD

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→ Mesh Project Deluxe MID Feet Heels

Warning: Needs Mesh Project MID Feet (won't work with regular SL feet)
Can get the body and feet here:

Why pay for 1 color if you can have so many?
This is no fatpack with only 6 or less heels but has endless combinations.
Buying these heels is like buying a shoecloset full of heels see the pictures for a few examples.
Easy to mix and match with the outfits from this or any other store and you are able to save your favorite colors in the HUD.

♥ Demo available.


- 100% Fitted Mesh MID Project Heels (1 Pair)
- HUD (Textures & 256 RGB Colors)

☆ Strap Textures include:
Wine Red
Grey (easy to recolor)
& More

☆ Heel Textures include:
Wine Red
Grey (easy to recolor)
& More

☆ Buckle and Stud Textures include:

See pictures for a few examples.!


This product is |COPY only and does require unpacking (able to wear and unpack)


↯ If this product is not delivered, send me a notecard and i'll redeliver it (do supply transaction details)
↯ Make sure you are not 'busy' or 'away' ingame when you buy on Marketplace (this could cause deliver failures)
↯ Don't forget to leave a 5 star review if you liked this good reviews are helpfull



  • HUD with 256 Colors Spectrum
  • 100% Fitted Mesh

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Really great shoes ! but steps i didnt know about

Veröffentlicht 24.9.2014 von Tawny Dinzeo 5 Sterne

The fit is great now that I found out the style mode changes the foot shape from low to mid to high or Ouch height. Just go to foot in style mode and modify to mid shape and all is good.. I thank the creator and model for coming and helping me in person :)

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