Mini Aircraft Carrier

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Ugly, chubby, sluggish... there are many adjectives that could be used to describe this tiny aircraft carrier. Designed as a toy to interact with air pilots in the seas of Second Life, she works as a platform to allow landing and taking off to small fighters, biplanes and helicopters. With a total length of 64 meters, her reduced size facilitates coexistence with other smaller boats.

*Pictures taken with CalWL and Bristol windlight settings.

*** 1. General Characteristics.

Length: 64.00 m.
Beam: 18.00 m.
Depth: 9.00 m.
Flight Deck: 58.95 x 22 m.
Max Speed: 10 knots (2 knots reverse).
Crew: 2 (1 driver + 1 passenger).

*** 2. Ship Commands.

- W or ↑: Increase speed (1 knot).
- S or ↓: Decrease speed (1 knot).
- A or ←: Turn left.
- D or →: Turn right.

*** 3. HUD Characteristics.

The Speedometer HUD displays current speed and distance to sea bottom over the vertical of the avatar.

- Speed is indicated in knots.
- Distance to sea bottom is displayed from the ship's keel to the bottom.

Please notice that if you want to use the full perm Speedometer HUD with your own creation, you may need to modify the script adjusting it to your ship specifications.

*** 4. General Recommendations.

- It is recommended to disable your AO to properly sit your avatar on the carrier.
- Right click on the model and select "Get In" to be able to drive the boat. Sit the passenger next if necessary.

*** 5. Product Characteristics.

- Model:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: NO

- Scripts:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: YES
(Full Perm Open Source)

- HUD:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: YES
(Full Perm Open Source)

- Material: 99% Mesh (*).
- Land Impact: 229.

(*) All the model has been built using several modules made in mesh, with the exception of the smoke balls and wake emitters that are made of normal prims.

*** 6. Content.

- Mini Aircraft Carrier.

- Speedometer HUD. Indicates current speed and distance to sea bottom.

- Generic Flag (atttach or add to avatar). Modifiable generic white flag to display your nation colours.

*** 7. Customization.

The mesh model has modifying rights so the customer will be able to change colours, textures and parameters by editing each one of the materials. Be free to modify the model, to add any logo or complement you wish.

Several mesh parts have been used to build this carrier, so the customer will have the chance to remove or add any parts that are estimated convenient.



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This is a Great Idea! Great for Landing!
full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 14.7.2021 von Petey Carver

This is a great idea. It's at my pier. Who has room for a full size carrier? Please make a Helicopter Carrier. It could also be a manageable size and we could use it for landing small planes.

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