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Muay Thai HUD - Combat Evolution

This is the version 4 of our combat evolution game system muay thai fighting HUD. Combat Evolution is an advanced combat system designed specifically for hand to hand combat and melee weapons (swords etc).

This HUD system has the following key features :-
- Special FX attachments for motion trails etc
- Directional Attacking/Blocking
- Block/Counter Attack System
- Alternate Power Up System
- Health and Stamina
- Keyboard control for compatibility with other combat systems as a fight AO
- Button System that can be used for attacks with combination moves
- Motion capture animations captured in our studio
- Website score tracking and much more
- Efficient scripting to makes this version very low lag yet high performance.
If you would like to try a demo of the HUD you can try the Dagger or Sloppy Fighter demos for free. These HUDs are only intended to demonstrate the HUD functionality so please don't expect much from the animations or accessories.
In this package you will find the main control hud and any accessories/weapons included with your particular style. The HUD instruction manual can be found on our website. You can view it as HTML or download it as a PDF. This is the URL http://combatevolution.com/help-support
I would really recommend reading it as it contains lots of useful tips related to fighting and points as well as basic instructions on how the hud is controlled.
The C.E. website also includes score tables and a forum. When your avatar loses a fight, wins a fight or self destructs the score table will be updated. Please use the forum to discuss/advertise any events, clubs or other combat evolution activities. I often get asked by new players where they can find other people to fight against so ive set the forum up in the hope people can use it as a connective HUB. There is also a group in SL called Combat Evolution you can join to discuss C.E. related stuff.
We have lots more planned, so keep your eye out! Monsters, Games, Equipment etc....
Copyright 2014 Abranimations

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Piece of SHIT!!!

Veröffentlicht 2.2.2018 von alixwindsor44 1 Stern

I rate it one star only because I can't rate it zero. I paid 1k lindens for ten poor animations. I'm a girl and i'm like a lesbian now (I precise i'm not homophob). Can you give me back my lindens?!

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This is the one to get.

Veröffentlicht 3.3.2016 von Kimkim245 5 Sterne

I tried another one, it was crap. This one, it is easy to use, highly customizable, the movements are smooth and realistic and the sound effects enticing. Nice big HUD slam buttons for quick action, realistic tempo. One of my avatars is under 5 foot tall and this presented no problems as to motion, ground offset etc, so its great for small furries and SL kids too. Theres a reasonable arsenal of techniques and it even has functionalities to find opponents. It allows you to alter the AO and add animations, especially useful to blend the techniques in with a regular AO so you can defend (or attack!) suddenly in RP environments. Whether you are a martial artist, roleplay hero or school bully, where it comes to muay thai this is the one to get.

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