MyMacBook Pro

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MyMacBook Pro

Introducing the new MyMacBook Pro from dby, made for those who want a beautiful, detailed and functional laptop for their PR!

The operation of MyMacBook is simple and super intuitive for any user.

* New standard "MyOS" style HUD on new dby devices, this new HUD style simplifies use and standardizes and facilitates the integration of "MyApple" devices, you will see them on new smartphones and new devices to come!

* Open and close:
This function is simple, but very functional for a laptop, you have a few stages to be able to leave the screen at a right angle, tilted or almost completely tilted and closed again.

* New colors:
There is no need to buy more devices simply because of the color (as other stores do), we value your preference and provide all the colors in a single device!

* Screens:
Unlike some models we offer where the functionality is to click on the screen to change the images, this version works with the images on the HUD, and you select them directly without needing to go over them without knowing what they are. This also guarantees privacy as only the owner of the device can change the screens and leave them that way without anyone changing them.

* Resize? (Not in this model)...why?
It's a MOD, so just select and stretch, enlarge as you want, it's simple and intuitive like any other SL object.

* Editor Mode:
This mode comes in a separate box, you open it and it contains a "personalization kit" with the necessary screens and bases to edit and customize your own screens, in this mode the opening and closing system is not enabled as it gives way to the click to change the images, you place your images and just click to change the screens, the script is opened for this (and the body colors continue to work through the main HUD) with your personalized screens.

* Desk Version:
This is the version where your laptop is made to sit on a table or any other location.

* Hand version:
This version you "put on" and hold (bento pose) simulating typing and using a laptop while holding it upright.

Does not contain Poses for desk mode as it does not come with a table.

Its operation is simple, designed for people who like RP or just want to decorate their environment with a detailed and functional device.

We hope you like it, and don't forget to leave your review, this is very important so we can bring you more items as you like.



  • Body colors and Screens styles
  • includes HUD
  • Bento Animations
  • Editor Mode
  • Functional + Decor

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Veröffentlicht 3.3.2024 von ArgonBriggs 1 Stern

After purchasing this item, I was wholly unimpressed by its very limited functionality.

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Yeah this is the best Macbook lookalike in the entirety of Second Life

Veröffentlicht 1.2.2024 von DrAnimePhD 5 Sterne

The amount of detail dby put in is incredible. If I had one criticism I wish we could turn the touchbar off and have the keyboard be more like the 14/16 inch Macbook Pros. I also wish we could have some desk animations.

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