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MyPhone X

> Introducing the New MyPhone X in world! <

* New Design, New Functions, and New Concept!

• Makes and Receives Calls
(this is an RP feature does not make voice calls or use your computer microphone, calls are ringtones with sound)

• Select Ringtones
• Musics and Dances
• 20 Poses for Pics
• Wallpapers
• Tinder app
• Covers
• Color styles
• Battery
• Flashlight Function (lantern)


• Minimize and Maximize HUD!
If you think that the HUD of a smartphone takes up a lot of the screen, know that we have solved this problem

- I minimized my smartphone and got a call from my friend, did I miss this call?
- NO :)
- When your HUD is minimized and a friend calls, a notification appears in your thumbnail telling you that someone has called


> Making Calls APP
> Receiving Calls from the friends

> Typer integrated <

Settings APP
Camera APP
Dance APP
Poses APP
Tinder APP
Smartphone Cases APP
Ringtones APP
Flashlight Function in Home
Minimize Function in Home
Wallpapers APP

+ illustrative APP's

• Audio Volume function:
Now you have the option to control the volume where your phone's audio plays

• Airplane MODE:
Maybe you do not want to be bothered while using MyPhone X, just put it in Airplane Mode and no one will bother you

• Group Dancing function:
This function is intended for those who like to dance with several people at the same time (everyone who has using any model of Muschi cell phone that has this dance function) you can dance alone or dance with your friends


• Tinder APP:
This app (not official tinder) you can vote for your favorite crush or customize all the photos that are in the app

To customize, simply open the SDK package that is along with your smartphone and use the images and methods outlined there step-by-step.

After that you can pass on to your friends who also use MyPhone X so they have your private tinder gallery of you and your closest friends


• Battery and charging:
As every cell phone has a battery that ends, this is no different, but stay calm, the battery recharges automatically :)

• Resize / Restore original size

* Any technical problem, please contact us before leaving your review, we will solve as soon as possible

* Attention:

The "call" function works as follows:
you and your friend are on the same island (regardless of distance)
you select your friend on your smartphone and make a call.
your friend will see it ring and answer, but it does NOT work like a real cell phone, it does not work as a voice call, nor does it use your microphone, this is an RPG feature or for RPG videos.!


10% OFF!!!

* Can I get a discount when I buy the IPhone X? -

- YES :)

Just leave your review by commenting on your experience of using and interacting with your friends

10% OFF!!!


MyPhone X [ MyOS 4.0 ] 2017

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Veröffentlicht 25.4.2022 von TokyoDolly 1 Stern

Just awful.

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Very nice phone great for rp

Veröffentlicht 25.11.2021 von ISOLINUX 3 Sterne

Very nice phone great for rp comes with earphones too :) can call other friends and people and has some great songs and dances, very immersive phone

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