Empire Textures I Rustic Wood

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Hand created in Photoshop CC. No stock images have been used in the creation of this pack.

Support 100% original work, not copybotters and derivative works. ♥

If you're happy with the product I'd really appreciate if you take the time to leave a quick review! Thank you ♥

"Rustic Wood" includes 40 full permission rustic wood textures in 4 style variations for a more natural look and a total of 10 colors - just perfect for gorgeous rustic cabins and houses. ♥

- Want to see all the colors and styles? Check the preview images for more insight. :) ♥

- 1024 x 1024 .tga

- Contact sheet included

Happy designing! ♥


Don't forget to read the terms and conditions included in the package.



  • 40 seamless rustic wood textures
  • 4 styles and 10 colors


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Empire Textures | 2011 - 2020
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Verkauft von: Neo Icanadi
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