NOOKUMS Twins Fetus Box

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Our NOOKUMS Wearable Fetus is a nice way to show you are an expecting parent. It has many nice features including:

Rename-Set Due Date
Hide/Show Features on fetus and text
8 Nice Skin Options
Hear your fetus's heartbeat!
The Fetus is in a womb!

The 8 skin options perfectly match our NOOKUMS Newborns

It has 2 fetuses, and each can have a different skin.

Show the world you're a parent who cares by showing off those babies!

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  • 8 Skin Options!
  • Resizer! Wearable!
  • Includes the womb!
  • Rename your fetus!
  • Set your due date!

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Would be better with MOD perms.
full star full star full star empty star empty star Veröffentlicht 6.1.2021 von Matarie Theas

The mesh work is well done on the fetuses but the pose is odd and unnatural looking, and being uniform between both is... well weird. Not to mention the fetuses being within a semi-invisible bubble makes it difficult to wear them at a larger size and there is no way to remove that specifically or decrease the space between them. In an actual pregnancy with twins, the confines of the space their in would be cramped and positions more varied, especially in later months rather than existing in a perfectly round bubble. If there were mod perms, I'd remove the amniotic bubble, since there's really little need being inside an avi with no other organs, and position the two closer together and in more varied orientations than like chess pieces side-by-side facing the same direction. Mod would also allow for options to make the fetus more fantasy colors, such as could fit with non-human fantasy or scifi creatures such as Chiss, Orcs, Tieflings, etc. Hope to find someone soon who can create a mesh model as good as this for a fetus or prim baby that works for RP settings (without those off putting chatters!) that allows customers to mod it to their needs. This is not a bad option in the meantime.

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