Omega friendly /Aesthetic black dress shirt

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Shirt will be shorter on non aesthetic bodies

For all Omega system mesh avatars use masking layers on your hud to add sheer or no sheer .
Comes with both Aesthetic appliers and Omega and instructions .
Use your body hud masking options to create transparency or not

For Omega use the top button and that your body is Omega activated.

For aesthetic make sure you have on a clothing layer for it to apply to and that you activate your body.

I do not refund but I do fix creator issues
Reviews are welcome Thx in advance many more items avail in world



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Almost perfect

Veröffentlicht 6.12.2018 von BridledAbraxas 5 Sterne

So you buy some fancy MESH coat, but you really don't feel like flashing your bare chest? Of course you can try to find a MESH shirt that may fit under your coat. But most likely it won't fit. And that's when you start looking for a shirt you can apply straight to your MESH body.

So here we are. Super cheap price, black, comes with a nice collar you can apply AND resize it in any direction you desire. Works super smoothly with Omega appliers, all is good.

Now if only... yes, if only there wouldn't be those little pixel-irritations at the seams. You can sometimes see little flashes of skin, where the body parts join. I can only assume that it is maybe because the shirt's texture is really exactly created to fit, instead of making it one pixel bigger to ensure these flashes don't happen.

Still: at this price? Buying it is a no-brainer. And it is a great helper when creating a new look.

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