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NEW VERSION ADDED (and old version described below still included)
The newer versions, a hand held microphone for females and one for males, no longer requires you to be able to rez prims on the singing web site. While these new types do not include a chair for sitting, they actually have even a few more animations and even include you to change out three of them for your own. The main requirement for adding your 3 own animations is that the animations themselves and the words for them you use on the data card must be all small letters with no usage of capital letters.

Somewhat similar to the old version, the new one contains most all of the same animations, except the sitting ones, and in fact adds some new ones. It has four menu pages unlike the three of the old one. Those menu pages are: "Slow" (dance movement), "Fast", "Gestures", and "More" where "More" are mostly new added gestures. "More" is also the menu that allows you to add three custom ones on top of the menu.

The difference between Male and Female microphones? Not much. The microphones also include an AO, animation override, for walking, running and bow (male) curtsey(female). The AO differences are the only differences male to female.

OLD Version Description - still included

A serious menu driven animation help for live singers who sing in SL. The control prim for the menu is a chair, that you must be allowed to rez at the stage you are at. Then the chair provides 2 sitting animations for singing on the chair, and many moving animations for singing or gestures. About 27 animations in all. Some for fast songs, some for slow, and some animations for simple gestures such as pointing right or left or bowing or many others. This animation singers kit assumes you are mobile and able to walk around and assumes you are using a hand held microphone. A hand held microphone is of course included and that hand held microphone has full perms. Several singer right now use this in SL for all of their performance.

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  • Built in Anims for Music Singers
  • Singing anims and conversation anims
  • Includes sitting while singing anim (old version)
  • New Version does not require ability to add site prims

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ABSOLUTELY the best!!!

Veröffentlicht 6.12.2013 von IMGypsy 5 Sterne

Doesn't look like I'm in pain with the facial animations. The gestures are fabulous, the slow is absolutely perfect and so are the fast. I bought a hand held mic for over double the price and definitely will not use it! This is great.

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Love this...

Veröffentlicht 28.6.2011 von happycamp 5 Sterne

I was looking for something unique for all of my live performances and I love this chair with the animations. It provides a lot of versatility in my performances and I can choose different animations for different venues. Love it!

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