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NEW: The new included skates use the new "alpha layer" method for adjusting skates to avatar feet and making the correct part of the avatar feet invisible. This appears to be the new method that SL prefers. While many products including not only skates but high heels have used different software inside the skates or high heels, SL support for that old method may or may not be there. We do know that in a December 2012 in the 3.4.3 release that some graphic cards, like ours, did not hide invisible heels any more by the old method. And no, we are not sure if SL will fix that and allow both going forward, or if SL wants to use only their new alpha layer. Well, either way, this product gives you the option of the new full prim alpha layer shoes and also includes the old product that has been a good seller for us. And so, you have a choice and should be okay whichever path SL decides on.

It is an animation override system for ice skating that you would wear. For either the old method or the new alpha layer method you must wear 3 items - an SL shoe that shapes your foot and also two prim skates. For the new alpha layer, you must also wear a fourth item, a separate alpha layer item - that has an icon like a shirt that we also supply in this package.

NEW FEATURES - of the optional new alpha layer skates (old style also included in package)

We found the best way to make the new alpha layer system was to go with a total prim skate. And we do ourselves like the skate. It is 19 prims per skate (but of course no impact on land prim numbers since they are worn) and a lot of custom work and even includes flexi lace ends. And it has powerful software such that there is only one pair of skates - but many options - but please make copies for your usage for safety. Some of the new features -

* A more full color menu by just clicking either skate for a menu. Many color selections, but in addition there are two types of brightness adjusts for any color, and an RGB control that can let you make any valid SL color that you wish.
* In the main menu under "More" is more .... size adjustments that adjust both shoes at once
* Under "More" you can also toggle three different lace colors - white, black, pink
* Under "More" you can make the fur top piece appear or disappear
* Under "More" you can change from "figure" type skating to "speed" skating or back again
* Under "More" is a quick help notecard that contains most detailed instructions for usage
* Under "More" is the shut off or turn on for AO on or AO off.

COMMANDS (for both new and old types( - as associated with normal animations that the software will override:

Menu away: press 'ignore' on the menu

Walking - skate forward
Running - depending on menu selection, either start a triple jump, or speed skating
PageUp - a jump pose with one leg forward and one back as if to jump an object
Forward and Right Arrow(both) - if walking speed, then skate forward but bearing to right
Forward and Left Arrow(both) - if walking speed, then skate forward but bearing to left
Right arrow (only) - depending on menu setting, either a spin, or a simple turn
Left arrow(only) - depending on menu setting, either a circle pattern or a simple turn
Pagedown - skates together crouching to meet the floor of ice
Standing - we do change the standing animation to be more appropriate for a skater


Takes practice. But page up starts a jump and puts your avatar in a jumping formation with one leg forward and one back. But it will take practice when to stop pressing the page up key and when to start pressing the page down key and then going back to normal skating afterwards when landing.


There is even more power here than the commands might imply. The reason is that you can interrupt one animation for another. This means that you could, if you are good, make the triple jump a double or a single jump. You could use part of a spin to turn around quickly or use part of a circle to change direction - or you can do multiple triple jumps together. It is all in how long you allow one animation before keying in the next. We believe that this can lead to a fun program, somewhat believable, for a figure skater. But yes, some real practice and skill helps a lot.

Hope you Enjoy!

Hunter Bronet and Suzie Larsen for OnP Owl and Pussycat in SL Tissela and also on SL Marketplace

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  • ice skate by just walking, running, page up etc.
  • includes new alpha layer option
  • anims built into the skates
  • Now includes menu driven options
  • Size change and some color change built into menu

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Very Impressive!

Veröffentlicht 2.1.2013 von RobSimonis 5 Sterne

I was looking for ice skates using the alpha layer ... and I love these and the animations. Thanks!

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Crap!!! Total Crap!

Veröffentlicht 22.11.2011 von Wesley Daylight 1 Stern

This product sucks bad!!!

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