OnP panties hi-cut set of 5

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5 panties, high cut type, same design but 5 different colors for your convenience. By hi-cut we mean long in front and in the back, but shows more on the sides. Simulated trim on top, and simulated crotch below.

These panties are opaque - meaning non-trasparent

Consider trying some of our newer line of lingerie and like items, that we call "mix-n-match" - some of which are shown below. While mix-n-match is a commonly used phrase it tells the story well of this new line. With copy = yes, and modify color = yes, you can copy and modify colors using "appearance" (or in the case of prims like prim skirts use "edit" and then color change). You can then save your results and put together your own outfits where YOU choose the colors and what item goes with what others. Also, our new line takes full advantage of the almost four years we have been in this business, to make our new line as accurate, realistic and useable as we know how, using all we have learned over this time. Also this new line allows you to often wear undies as either underpants or pants, giving you even more options. And sometimes we combine panties with garters to make garter panties now to save layers and give you more options. While the price is higher, there is more in the package. When we add up all that is in these packages, it is actually much more at a lower price than our previous line. Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy!

- Suzie Larsen for OnP Owl and Pussycat

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  • Simple and low cost

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Veröffentlicht 1.4.2011 von BabyKiss Islay 1 Stern

Lace is also good, but the lines are not up to much

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