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Hello, thank you for your interest!


The Bee is a set of attachments to become an human bee.

Animated bento wings
Animated bento abdomen
Fur collar (resizable)
Bug legs (resizable)
antenae (resizable)

v 1.1: Added size for Rin's Mesh Micro Fairy
v 1.2: Added animesh abdomen to avoid conflict with other attachments that use the bento tail

thats all!
Pucca Firecaster

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Great for micro and normal-sized bees!
full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 16.1.2022 von Prince Amore

This having bento wings and bug abdomen that fit the Rin's Micro Fairy was my primary interest, but it works great on bigger avatars too! I love how the abdomen pulses and how the wings flap when jumping, and the textures are nicely detailed! Check the demo in-world to see if you'll like it too!

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full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 12.11.2018 von Kino Rosca

As much as I like Rin's fairy, I could never find any third party content specifically made for it. When it came to wings, I was stuck either with what Rin provided in the box, or out of date, unrigged or non-mesh stuff. Really happy I found this, because not only does it include stuff that fits the fairy - it's nicely made, up to date bento stuff (the unrigged pieces in the pack look pretty good too). The bee wings are just what I wanted :). The animated abdomen is pretty neat. I'd love to see more accessories that fit this avatar.

To those of you reading this, who are thinking of buying this set, please take note - I am reviewing the pieces made to fit the Rin's fairy avatar, as those parts are the primary reason I purchased this. If you want help making up your mind on whether or not you should get this for a regular sized av, they have a demo version at their inworld store to try out :)

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