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Hello, thank you for your interest on this product,

This former group gift was sooo requested, it seems there are some crazy people out there that don't have the pfc group and miss the group gifts, since this one was so requested I put it on sale.

The magic fingers are a very simple attachment that randomly will animate your hands (bento) and create some lights moving around your fingers.

There is an alternative version that let you trigger the "tricks" at will.

You can change the color and the amount of wisps (the lil moving lights)

v 1.1: Added Left hand version and some color fixes

thats all! thanks for reading
Pucca Firecaster



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Magic fingers
full star full star full star full star empty star Veröffentlicht 2.4.2024 von Sibko Matova

Pretty good, especially for 150L.
The animations in particular are great, which is rare for SL.

Held back by the no-mod script though; which I don't really understand the reason for but at least it's mod and includes the animations in the item, so with some time and effort it should at least be possible to re-write from scratch so you can do things like:

Make it function as a typer
Adjust the intensity of the light projector
Have it glow all the time
Flip between different colors

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Do I even need to add more?
full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 30.11.2023 von Anthylea Celestia

These are AMAZING! Thank you so much. MAKE MORE COOL STUFF LIKE THIS!

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