*PV* The Timepiece of Neverend

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This stunning wall clock from the *PrimVision* Collection will add character and feature to almost any location to which you may decide to use it in, from bedroom or living-room wall to external walls, towers, gardens or house-tops, in-fact almost anywhere!

This beautiful wall clock allows you to add that extra little bit of class, excellence and functionality to any room within your home. A simply classic look is captured with this gorgeous design.

Menu driven to allow any of the 24 world time zones to be represented easily by your clock, simply click your clock and from the menu displayed select the left and right arrows to move the hour hand forwards or backward an hour at a time. Similarly, simply click your clock to activate the control menu from where you may also select to have the time displayed in floating digital text format in addition to the hour, minute and second hands. Here from the menu you may also choose whether or not you wish your clock to take into account the Daylight Savings Time (DST) clock variation where international clock times are modified to allow for extra daylight hours to be enjoyed.

A beautiful clock and one worthy of the high standard you desire.

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  • ☆ Stunningly Realistic Clock Face and Hand Textures
  • ☆ Creates extra interest in any location to become a key feature to show off
  • ☆ Modifiable ~ Change size to required – 2 sizes supplied to allow quick changes
  • ☆ Easy Menu system allows Daylight Savings on/off & Hovertext on/off to be set
  • ☆ Included textures are non-modifiable

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Flat Prim :(

Veröffentlicht 12.5.2020 von xoxoWickedAngelxoxo 3 Sterne

I didn't expect this to be a flat prim, especially with a land impact of 5. But the face of the clock and decorative trim are definitely a flat prim attached to a clock back with the moving hands. I'm just gonna throw this away :/

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  • 3 Sterne Rezensionen (1)

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