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▄▀▄▀▄▀ PeraTrax™ - Vehicle Rezzer - Information ▀▄▀▄▀▄

This Vehicle Rezzer allows you and your visitors to Rez a vehicle, which they can drive on your
sim or land. You can rez as many vehicles as you want. Each vehicle comes in 3 different sizes
(Large, Medium, Small) which you can choose from the Menu. All rezzed vehicles will clean itself
up after use. The Rezzer itself has 3 Prims and every rezzed vehicle will NOT impact on your
land capacities ("Temp-On-Rez"). The Permissions of the Rezzer are set to Copy and Modify.

Vehicle Features:

▪ 9 Gears
▪ Smooth & Dynamic handling
▪ Menu-Driven Position adjust
▪ Wheelies / Stoppies / Burnout
▪ 3 different sizes (S,M,L)
▪ Optional visible Speedometer and gear display
▪ Color change menu (for rims)

How to use:

→ Touch the "Click to Rez" panel of the vehicle you want to rez

→ Choose from the Blue Menu the size of the vehicle (S, M, L)

→ Right click the vehicle and choose "Ride" from the Pie Menu

→ The vehicle will clean itself up when you finish

::: DRIVING :::

Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and brake. To change
gear, hold down SHIFT and press the left or right arrow key.
For wheelie, press Page Up or the “E” key. To push the front
of the bike down, press Page Down or the “C” key.

::: MENU :::

Click on the vehicle for the menu system. From here you
can access the position adjust, light system, burnout, etc.

::: NOTE :::

Settings for best viewing of sculpted objects:
Go to Advanced-Tab Ctrl+Alt+D,
go to Debug Settings,
Type in: RenderVolumeLODFactor
Type in value box: 5.000
Now all sculpts will rez correctly

Kind regards,
by Memo Pera



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very good

Veröffentlicht 17.7.2011 von Dina Loordes 5 Sterne

I got this for my MC clubhouse which is on 9 riding sims, it works out very well, you are able to pick a size bike as well as still adjust ur position which i havent seen often with bike rezzers... very good price for what you get, i suggest if you want a rezzer this is your rezzer, all of his are very good.

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